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We make "Statement Apparel"

We started Hang Tight USA many years ago as an outdoor apparel company. See our original logo? A man hanging tight off a cliff. Made sense to us at the time. As artists we didn't know what we were going to put on T- shirt's at first. Whatever we thought was cool, it was going on a shirt. We were told that we were messy & all over the place. Over the years we've had our share of Ups and Downs. Rejection after rejection. Buyers wanted to put us in a box. Were we street, urban, skater wear, what? None of the above, or maybe it was all of that. To us it was just Statement apparel. You wore it and people took notice. It wasn't for everybody. We just want to be free thinking creators. Our Board Friendly line can appeal to anyone. Go to a skate park and see how diverse it is. All walks of life. Old and young. Every kind of music playing from rock to hip hop. People are out there just boarding and having fun. Plus, just doing anything on a board is cool. With the legalization of Cannabis In Colorado, we started our Baked Global line. Creating pot themed apparel was an opportunity we couldn't pass up on. I mean why not? Our first shirt was Baked In Denver. Today that line has expanded into shirts, hats, aprons, and decals. We now have Baked In Seattle, Baked In Los Angeles, Baked In Las Vegas, and Baked In Boston. Each shirt comes In our signature custom pizza box. Baked global has become one of the most unique and popular brands in this budding market. Even if you don't bake, check out a 420 event. Good people, great vibes. Again we don't want to be labeled or boxed in, or even criticized. We just want to create really cool stuff. Everything we do is rooted in creativity and unity. Either way we'll continue to make statement apparel. Who knows what we"ll come up with next. You gotta hang tight and see. Thank you for your support. 

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